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Weightless swimming pleasure with almost no air in the water to motivate you and and thereby improve your fitness and well being
FlussPool Live
Outstanding safety for Families with smal children thanks to lifting floor technology
FlussPool Live
High performance FlussPool in the smallest operating room available, no landscape wasting and thereby more garden space
FlussPool Live
Effective and efficient swim training for ambitious Health oriented individuals
FlussPool Live

FlussPool for the whole Family

FlussPool – the special Experience

FlussPool for the Training

FlussPool -Just Fun

FlussPool Testimonials

Left Side of Lake Zurich

FlussPool with flagstones and lifting floor, cost with surrounding works. 1.3 Mio.

KT Zurich

FussPool with flagstones and lifting floor, cost with surrounding works. 1.05 Mio.

Right Side of Lake Zurich

Flusspool with flagstones , cost with surrounding works. 0.6 Mio.


FlussPool with limited space availability, cost without environment work, 0.45 million.


Proven solutions for individual requirements and high quality standards

“FlussPool offers me high-performance technology in the smallest of spaces.”

Reto R.

“The lifting floor technology makes my pool 100% child safe. “

Urs K.

„Thanks to FlussPool I swim every day now and keep fit.“

Max W.

“A FlussPool is an investment for better health my Exclusive clientele understood this a long time ago!

René Arndt
Architekt / Dipl. Innenarchitekt HFG
Know-how as a former Triathlon professional

Competent Partner

 My job is to help them buy the right pool, protect their health and increase their wellbeing.

You are always with me with your wishes in the center. I provide you with the latest know-how on the Swiss market in the private exclusive spa area.

Roy Hinnen

30 years triathlon experience, PB IRONMAN 8.35h, 5 x Swiss Champion, author of TRIATHLON TOTAL, vegan, ZEN practitioner.

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